Monday, December 3, 2012

Scenes of the Crime Blog-A-Thon: Chris Reviews Black Dynamite

I have to give credit to Kevin for exposing me to this movie. We both have discovered a love for exploitation movies and recently there have been a lot of parodies of these types of films coming out (Grindhouse and Machete for example). Of all of the parodies of these types of films I have seen this is arguably the best. 

Black Dynamite is a former CIA Agent who sets out to avenge his brothers death after he is killed by pimps and drug dealers. He cleans up the streets and in the process uncovers a ridiculous plot that leads him to Kung Fu Island and eventually the White House!

Often times movies that are intentionally bad, feel very forced but in Black Dynamite it never feels that way. It feels like the filmmakers actually loved the material they are parodying and so they are able to strike the right tone. This is a film that is filled with amazing and memorable moments. There are moments of hilarious ineptitude such as the scene where the boom mic drops down into view and Black Dynamite continues to stare at it while he is delivering his lines. There are moments of pure absurdity such as the scene where Black Dynamite and his crew put together the secret plot of the Asians on Kung Fu Island who are trying to shrink all Black Men's penises by drinking Malt Liquor. Not to mention a plethora of fun and hilarious fight scenes.

Black Dynamite is an excellent example of a Bad movie that is very good. It shows bad filmmaking but not excessively, bad acting but that is funny and dialogue that is really bad but creatively bad. This is just a fun Action/Crime/Comedy film that is a must watch for any guy that has that juvenile sense of humor that makes us love films like the Naked Gun so much. So go on to Amazon this instant and order the blu-ray for only 10 bucks because it is well worth it!


4.5 out of 5

-Chris "Da Franchize" Hart


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